Bagi-Bagi Artikel Berkualitas

Halo pembaca yang baik, anda sudah tahu dengan PPR kan? Nah, di dalam PPR kita diminta mereview sesuatu, namun dengan kualitas tinggi. Semakin tinggi kualitas, semakin tinggi gaji yang diberikan.

Sekarang saya akan memberikan contoh artikel berkualitas dalam bahasa Inggris untuk anda (maaf bila Grammernya berantakan).

Hello smart reader? If we tell about content, maybe you think about post in blog or website. But, content is not about post, they must have other, like greeting for your blog reader, your relation with your reader, and more.

Content is like a magic, sometimes it make we surprised and sometimes it not surprised. But the question is “How to make your blog’s content suprised the reader?”

Now we talk about your relation with your reader. Why it’s important? Because if there are no reader, who will see your blog? The function of blog is to tell your experience or advice to other people, and they will response your story.

I always put “Hello smart reader” in my post. Why? Because it will give you positive point from your reader, and they will come back to your blog soon. And maybe, they will make your blog success, so you can make more money with your blog. : )

On the point, so every your blog reader give comment, give your response and if use, you can email them. Maybe they will be happy and back to your blog.

And as the ending, i will give you tips for make your content good and give positive response form your reader:

1. Make a content that is not show your skill like: “I can make money in one hour with my skill and internet”.

2. Your content is always up to date.

3. Maybe you will get bad response from your reader like: “Hey guys, it’s my content you copy from my blog, bla bla bla… . You must answer like sorry, but i don’t know that. Give apologize and thank to the reader.

4. Always say “thank you” to your reader that give response to your blog.

Sorry for my bad english, but i think you can read it. Thank you.

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